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The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots in Reykjavik

Odds are if you are visiting Iceland you are staying in Reykjavik for at least a day. You’ll quickly realize that the largest city in Iceland isn’t all that big. Thanks to its vibrancy, architecture and fun art, Reykjavik is the perfect place for a photographer as well as any instagram junkie.

Here are the 7 most instagrammable spots in Reykjavik.

Iceland Reykjavik Hallgrimskirkja At Night
There is also a lot less people at night, making it easier to get your photo.

#1 Hallgrimskirkja

Hallsgrimskirkja is pretty difficult to miss, you can see it from almost any point in the city. The church is known for its columns, which are based off of the naturally occurring basalt columns that can be found all over the country. During the day you can take a tour to the top of the church for a lovely view, and at night you can see the illuminated stained glass shine through from the outside. If I were you, I’d head there at both times of day to snag photos.

A popular location to see naturally occurring basalt columns is Reynisfjara Beach, located on Iceland’s South Coast.

#2 Lauagevgur Street Art

Lauagevgur is the main shopping street in Reykjavik. If you can, I highly recommend booking a hotel very close to this! With an abundance of shops, the street is also overflowing with street art. A personal favorite being the one located on the side of Verslun Guðsteins Eyjólfssonar — just a short walk up the street from my next must see location!

Iceland Reykjavik Lauagevgur Street Art
Just in case you didn’t know how to tie a tie.

#3 Ísbjörninn Polarbear Gift Store

Iceland Reykjavik Ísbjörninn Polarbear Gift Store
Cuddling a polar bear definitely helps with the jet lag.

Located at Laugavegur 38, 101, is the Ísbjörninn Polarbear Gift Store! Ísbjörninn is Icelandic for “Ice bear,” or polar bear. This would explain (sort of) why at Ísbjörninn Polarbear Gift Store there are two massive (at least 6 feet tall) polar bear figures in front of their shop.

When we wandered the streets of Reykjavik on a recent trip I couldn’t help but run up to one of the polar bears and give it a big hug! And, take a photo with it of course!

The funny thing is, I was definitely not the only one doing this. We stayed at, 41— A Townhouse Hotel (which I highly recommend), directly across the street from Ísbjörninn Polarbear Gift Store. Every time we looked out our window there was at least one person taking a photo with the polar bear. Do it!

#4 Brauð & Co.

I recommend Brauð & Co. for two reasons. First, the obvious — the incredible bakes goods. Second, the beautifully vibrant building. There are multiple Brauð & Co. locations. Make sure you go to the one on Frakkastígur. During a recent trip, we got our bread from Brauð & Co. on multiple occasions, (not to mention many of their famous cinnamon rolls). If you are looking for this bakery it’s hard to miss, the entire outside of the building is covered in rainbow graffiti, making it a great photo opportunity.

Iceland Reykjavik Brauð & Co.
The cinnamon rolls are a must! You’re on vacation — treat yourself!

#5 Valdís Icecream

Iceland Reykavik Valdís Ice Cream
With tons of flavors to choose from, you surely wont be disappointed!

Even if it’s cold outside, ice cream here is a must. And, even  if you are not a big fan of ice cream, Valdís is well known for their waffles (which you can also put ice cream on). Win-win.

Try to get here before it gets too late… The shop on Grandagarður is small and cute, which is nice when there are only a few of you in there, but overwhelming around 8pm when the place is packed.

No matter what, enjoy your ice cream and make sure to take a photo here!

#6 Sun Voyager

Venture down to the water at some point in the day, and you’ll find a long walking/biking path with beautiful mountains in the background. Along the path is one of Reykjavik’s most well known sculptures, the Sun Voyager. Also accessible along this path is Harpa, Iceland’s concert hall with beautiful architecture. Both are worthy of a photo.

Iceland Reykjavik Sun Voyager
After a long plane ride it felt good to stretch our legs on this easy walk.

#7 Vínberið

Iceland Reykjavik Vínberið
Like I said before … treat yourself!

As you explore Reykjavik you’ll come across dozens of cute shops, none cuter than Vínberið! This candy shop has great souvenirs, as well as Instagrammable moments.

Located on Laugavegur, it’s near a few of the other destinations I highlighted above. Definitely check it out!

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