Brauð & Co — The Best Sourdough & Cinnamon Rolls in Reykjavik

Is it the best bakery in Reykjavik? After our travels there (and the hundreds of reviews online), the answer appears to be a resounding yes. Although we didn’t have time to stop in each and every bakery in the capital city, we did have enough time to go to Brauð & Co more than once (with good reason).

Founded by Ágúst Einþórsson in March of 2016, the shop on 16, Frakkastígur, 101 Reykjavík (one of five in the city) is located in a small, graffiti laden building. The baked goods inside were unlike any Isa and I had ever had before. Freshly made (we watched a young man heave a bag of flower over a countertop to continue making dough), tight knit (no more than a dozen or two people can be in the shop at once), and friendly (I asked too many touristy questions for my own good, all yielding smiling responses), contributed to the superb experience we had at Brauð & Co.

Reykjavik Iceland Brauð & Co.

I was lucky enough on a Sunday to order a pre-Lent traditional Icelandic pastry called Bolludagur. Bolludagur is a pastry that has been cut in half and filled with cream. The woman at the counter recommended it, and I’m glad she did. Mine was filled with cream and caramel. It was definitely a sweet treat.

Isa ordered a cinnamon roll. Heavenly. That’s the only appropriate way to describe it. Flaky on the outside, doughy, chewy, and delicious on the inside. I’m thinking about the bite I took as I type this… It was really something special. People were stopping her on the street to ask where she got it from.

Sourdough bread. The best, most fresh sourdough bread I have ever had in my life. Crisp and crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside — it truly is a joy to eat it. Know that they will not slice a loaf there for you, but be prepared to indulge when you get home — we used one loaf in two days for our sandwiches.

After our first trip to Brauð & Co, we went back for more, this time we indulged in another cinnamon roll, more traditional sourdough, and a more hearty sourdough with pumpkin seeds and other accoutrement. There is also a rye sourdough, although we didn’t give that a try.

Final thoughts on Brauð & Co

If you’re traveling to Reykjavik and you’re looking for something enjoyable to eat, head to Brauð & Co. The staff were friendly, the prices were reasonable, and the goods were incredible. What more could you ask for?

Next time I’m in Iceland, I’ll make it a point to stop there, and you should too.

Reykjavik Iceland Brauð & Co. Best Places to Eat
I mean seriously. Everybody loves it.

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